Moving Heaters

3 station side by side Now there is a flagship of the Shuman Company single heat vacuum machines. A new table design enables you to form very deep spas. This single heater all electric vacuum forming machine can make two completely different spas at one time, one from each end of the heaters. Name a function and our solid state controller can do it automatically. Nothing can hold a candle to the smooth steady power of twin hydraulic cylinders for a powerful operation. Vacuum tanks can be located on top of the heater to save floor space.

Machines are built manually operated or fully automatic. Control arm on front of table includes all switches for operation convenience. Unistrut table construction provides easy mounting of molds. Stroke of clamping frame adjustable by limit switches. Speeds of frame and table are variable. End panels and adjustable front and back curtains are standard. Heaters can be zoned to suit customer's requirements and are controlled by 15 second percentage timers. All pivots are ball bearing or bronze bushed.