Polycarbonate Drying Units

A new development by the Shuman Co. is our polycarbonate curing-drying unit, a new unit developed to dry out the moisture that is absorbed by the polycarbontate sheets.

PTS Polycarbonate-Curing Unit

  • All electric
  • 3 phase-220, 440, or 600 volt with digital readout temperature control
  • 12 hour clock for turning on and off unit at any set time
  • Set 375 degrees f. Maximum
  • Humidity exhaust system
  • Air circulating fan and trolleys
  • Also can be use to heat acrylic.


  • The new unit is three fold, it can also be used to plasticize acrylic sheets for forming.
  • It also can be used as a bake oven for drying finished painted parts.
  • A digital control with an adjustable setting up to 450 deg. F. Dual heaters with dual controls,
  • 24 hour control timer to turn on and off heat at any given time, 24 hours operation.
  • Automatic operation of fan to circulate air between sheets.
  • Air intake fan and exhaust ducts for removal of water vapor.
  • 36 lnch wide unit of a given length and height will have 10 sheets for curing at one time.
  • Operation, load necessary number of sheets this afternoon for tomorrows forming. Example: 25 sheets of .125 thickness, set on timer to 3:00 a.m. set off timer to 8:00 am (5 hours time) sheets will. Be dry, warm and ready to form at the work time.