Moving Heaters for Sign Machines

The Shuman moving heater thermoformer was developed principally for forming polycarbonate for the sign industry. These units are built from a 4' x 4' to a 10' x 24' to suit all needs of the sign manufacturer.

These units are built to customer specifications, as to size and options. Some of the options are; microprocessor, control, upper platen, loading & unloading stations, and double ended units patented applied for forming the sheet by temperature instead of time. The patented tube table eliminates the costly vacuum box and necessary masking tape.

The patented heavy duty air clamping is adjustable from 6" x 6" to full size of the unit in increments of 1/8" in either direction. Patented hot frame that forms the insert flange within the clamped area eliminating any trimming after forming. Unit is self contained and powered by hydraulics. Guided platens give positive registration for pre-screened faces in polycarbonate or other thermoplastic sheets.

All featured units have options available to heat seal flat fabric faces.