Double Heaters

The Shuman Company's double heater, vacuum forming machine is all electric with a completely enclosed heater area. Available accessories include an upper platen, loading station, air clamps and solid state control system.Our control system contains programmed sequences. Control wiring is 110 / 24 dc volts. One 3 phase power connection is necessary since all transformers are included. All movements have the smooth, strong power of hydraulics. The clamps have large air cylinders with high temp seals. The two speed clamp frame is easily adjustable from the largest to the smallest sizes. There is no need to adjust a lot of nuts and bolts. Platens are designed to fit your needs.

Control Panel:-

Programmable solid state microprocessor. Punch in memory the selected values for different programs desired. Up to fifteen sequences of forming can be put in memory.


Our double heaters are built to last with a strong, graceful design that makes loading new molds a snap. Molds can travel all the way down to floor level without a floor pit, and then forward completely outside of the forming station for easy loading and unloading of form part.Clamping frames are reversible from top loading to bottom loading.

The cooling fans are a standard item on all of our double heaters.The speed of travel of the platens and clamping frames are fully adjustable. Platen stroke is adjustable.